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Polka Dot Skirt and Top - Blue

Polka Dot Skirt and Top - Blue


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The perfect fabric, seersucker, and pastel shades for spring are combined in this two piece dress. The bodice features a scoop neckline with ruffle and piping trim, short cap sleeves gathered with elastic creating a ruffle, and a wide panel of shirring starting just below the bust line and ending at the natural waist, a peplum gently falls to the middle of the hip. The mini skirt is a simple a-line with elastic waist.

The bodice has many details and needs careful simulating in the lookbook. Simulate very briefly or the piping and ruffle around the neckline can have conflicts. If this happens simply wear the garment again and restart the process. The garment fits very well and will need little if any simulating.

As always, wearing hair before simulation is complete will most likely cause issues.

Item name
Polka Dot Skirt and Top - Blue
Made with Marvelous Designer
This garment replicates the physical properties of real fabric and can be dynamically adjusted on your avatar. Learn more.