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Industrial Pipe Set

Industrial Pipe Set


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An industrial oil and liquid pipe set.

◐ Tintable: If you don't like "Safety Yellow" default, tint to your liking.

◆ Optimized mesh and textures
▷ Tris : 408 - 920
◳ Texture Load : 1.2 MB
◆ Support original content and creators

! IMPORTANT: VR uses more PC resources than the average PC game, up to 6 times or more. Most users will be using mobile VR headsets, and therefore the models that you have in your world MUST be highly optimized and efficient to ensure that the experience is smooth and enjoyable for everyone.

Set includes;
1 x Pipe 1m Cross
1 x Pipe 2m Cross
1 x Pipe 1m Elbow
1 x Pipe 2m Elbow
1 x Pipe Elbow 3 way
1 x Pipe 1m Elbow Return
1 x Pipe S 90 Degree
1 x Pipe S 2m
1 x Pipe Tee 1m
1 x Pipe Tee 1m with Cap
1 x Pipe Tee 2m
1 x Animated Valve Junction Shutoff
PREFAB Pipe Support 2m
PREFAB Pipe Support 3m
1 x Pipe Support Bottom (0.5m)
1 x Pipe Support Middle (Repeat as needed to reach height)
1 x Pipe Support Top (Set this to target height)
1 x Each Straight Pipe 0.5m to 12m (10 pieces)

1 x Bonus Large 8m Liquid Storage Tank

Tint your pipes any color you want.
Group your pipes after creating your favourite configurations.
Scale your pipes to suit different situations.
Use snap in the scene settings to quickly build on grid.
Ground pipes should be at least 0.5m from the ground to start.

Shares texture set with [ Industrial Stairs & Catwalk Set ]

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