Random sounds on trigger

Random sounds on trigger


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A simple script that plays a sound randomly from a list of sounds( you can add from 1 up to 6) when one or more agent(or object or both) enter in collision with a volume or a object(with a collision mesh)
Useful to add some interaction to your experience.
Sound can be played immediately, or after a random amount of time that you set. Simple script compatible.

Insert it inside a trigger volume or an object.


-[AUDIOFILES]: Insert your audiofiles. They will be played randomly.You have not necessarily insert all files.
-[LOUDNESS]: Loudness of audio files.
-[PITCH]: choose the pitch of the sound
-[SPATIALIZED]: If ON, sound plays in audio component(if exists), or at center of trigger volume or object, else if OFF, it plays in the entire scene.
-[SOUNDLOOP]: if on, sound is looped.
-[DETECT AVATAR]: collision is activated by an avatar
-[DETECT OBJECT]: collision is activated by an object
-[STOP ON EXIT]: If true, it will stop audiofile if no one is inside trigger.
Random delay after trigger adds an useful random variable after the trigger. In this case, the sound doesn’t start immediately, but after a random number between a minimum and a maximum value. For example [min: 0, max, 15]: sound can start random after 7 secs, or 11, or 4, etc, from collision.
-[MIN DELAY AFTER TRIG]: select a minimum number of a delay range.
-[MAX DELAY AFTER TRIG]: select a maximum number of a delay range.
-[IGNORE COLLISION SEC]: Seconds of idle time for collision volume detection
-[SSCOMPATIBLE]: If on, script is compatible with Simple scripts.
-[ON AGENT/OBJECT COLLIDE]: command sent to other simple script when a agent or object is inside the volume
-[ON AGENT/OBJECT ESIT]: command sent to other simple script when a agent or object is outside the volume

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