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Afk Effect


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Spawn a custom effect when someone goes away from keyboard, the effect will dissapear automatically when they return.

* Instructions *
Drop this script in any object in your experience and select an object from your inventory to use as the afk effect. Change the settings to fit your needs.

* Settings *
- Chat Command(s): the comma seperated list of chat commands that will trigger the status effect.
- Case-sensitive Commands: whether uppercase and lowercase text in chat commands is treated as distinct or equivalent.
- Effect Resource: the (animated) object to spawn when a user types one of the chat commands, the object will dissapear again automatically.
- Effect Position Offset: the relative spawn position offset from the avatar.
- Effect Rotation Offset: the initial rotation offset in degrees.
- Align With Avatar: The rotation offset is applied relative to the avatar rotation when on, and the rotation will be absolute in world space when off.
- Active: toggles the script on or off.

* Questions, issues or suggestions? *
Contact @Tron-Sansar

Item name
Afk Effect v1.0.0.24
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