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AFK Billboard and Sign Tag

AFK Billboard and Sign Tag


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Step into the vibrant world of virtual interaction with our customizable AFK Board! This isn't just a sign; it's a revolution in digital communication. Large, bold letters pop against the sleek, dark background, bordered by a chic golden frame. A stylish nod to the classic 'Away From Keyboard' notice.

Crafted for ease, a simple "/afk" typed in the chat transforms your avatar’s vibe, signalling your short break to the community without missing a beat. But why stop there? Our board embraces your individuality. Change up the command, resize, and reskin to fit your personal flair.

And for those keen on DIY, the script is independently available in Sansar’s store, and sold by "Tron - Sansar". Go from 'default' to 'distinctive'. Your space, your rules!

P.S.: Create ripples in your social scene. Make your 'away' message your way and keep your virtual world lively, even when life calls you away from the screen!


You can see them in Sansar here :

Enjoy and Keep Good Vibes.
Hugs from Morgane.


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MPP - AFK Billboard
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