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Corner Saloon - Blue - With Ceiling Lamps

Corner Saloon - Blue - With Ceiling Lamps


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Step back in time and space with this saloon, designed to evoke the ambiance of the legendary establishments from the western frontier. This edifice is a blank canvas awaiting your personal touch to come alive in the virtual world of Sansar.

With substantial outer dimensions of 45x31x11 meters, it boasts five captivating interior color variations: classic brown, vibrant red, contemporary pink, deep blue, and natural green. Each hue sets a unique mood, allowing you to anchor your saloon in a narrative of your choosing.

The structure includes a precise collision shape for optimal interaction and a default draw distance set to 512 meters, ensuring your establishment is seen from afar. Equipped with 14 ceiling lamps that are fully adjustable, it grants you the freedom to tailor the lighting to your taste.

Fully modifiable, this saloon affords the flexibility to change all textures and to resell it under your own brand. For best interior presentation, we recommend enabling Global Illumination Quality and adding interior lights to prevent a dim appearance inside.


PS: I created it from scratch.
I hope you like it.

Enjoy and Keep Good Vibes.
Hugs from Morgane.


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