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Thimble Aircraft

Thimble Aircraft


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This is a fairly simple aircraft script that you can use to make airplanes! It will require some setup so be prepared.

- Sit points inside the aircraft.
- Engine you can turn on and off with basic sound.
- Ability to have some lights that turn on with the engine.
- Many event options by adding the 'AircraftEvents' class.
- Physics are pretty bad right now but I'll fix it up soon.

How to Setup
- Make sure your model has a collider, is set to dynamic, and movable by script toggled on.
- Add sit points and position them accordingly.
- To make animations works, the animations must use animation actions in Blender or animation clips in Maya. The rig must also be tied to the same object as the script.
- Configure the rest of the script the best you can.

Note: If the plane is flying sideways, models will require -Y forward to be selected in the "Forward" dropdown menu of blender when exporting models. That should fix this issue for you.

If you want to see it in world, I set out a aircraft here.

It's free for now but it might not be forever! Get it now and you get free updates. Hope it works good for you,

Recent Changes
- Added 'Vehicle_Animation' and 'Vehicle_Emotes' classes that can handle emotes and animations for the aircraft.
- Added a bunch of new variables to these classes. Including animation names, animation blend durations, animation loops, lists of emotes to randomize, and a lot of emote options.
- Added a block system so you can choose names of people you don't want to be able to fly the aircraft.
- Did a ton of exception reporting to hopefully clean any errors that can happen with more players in a world.
- Cleaned up some events I missed.
- Lowered resell price.

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