Couple Hover Dance Pad

Couple Hover Dance Pad


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Synchronized couple dance pad.
Drag to your scene and move until the visible reference plane is slightly touching the ground.
You can remove the Ground Reference item once installed.
In run-time, hover your mouse on the ground to find the interactive Dance F and click. This avatar must click first in order to work properly.
Then the second avatar can click on the interactive Dance M.


Visibility: All the components, except the ground reference, are invisible. If you want the interaction pads to be visible r-click > materials and switch the shader dropdown to standard.

Ground surface: You either need to install the dance pad on a flat surface or keep the ground reference as an invisible floor.
For this you need to add a collision, move it down and make it invisible:
- Collision: r-click > Structure, r-click the item Ground Reference in this panel and Add > Volume.
- Position: Move the ground reference -1 cm in Z (-0.01)
- Transparency: r-click > materials, switch the shader dropdown to standard + alpha mask, then set the mask threshold to 1 and the mask smoothness to 0.

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Couple Hover Dance Pad
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