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Footless Net Tights - Brown Sparkles [Emissive]

Footless Net Tights - Brown Sparkles [Emissive]


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Emissive sparkle edition, sparkles will glow as well as the net tights very slightly in this colour, see extra pics for an example.

Footless net tights for minimal or no clipping when wearing shoes.
Tights are prone to clipping in general with certain poses as the transparency disables the auto-hide features of Sansar.

Fitted to the Alina female framed avatar by default for better fitting to curvier and thinner body shapes alike.
A marvelous designer clothing item therefor is able to be simulated and transformed to fit many different avatar body shapes.

Other colours available on store.

Make sure to set your inventory to 'Show all clothing' if the tights do not show up immediately for you in the clothing tab. (See the example picture on this listing for reference.)

Contact "TheNick-1981" through Sansar or Sansar discord if you need re-rigging, a custom design or if there is a problem etc.

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Footless Net Tights - Brown Sparkles [Emissive]
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Made with Marvelous Designer
This garment replicates the physical properties of real fabric and can be dynamically adjusted on your avatar. Learn more.