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Version: 1 Updated: 3/20/2019

Project BluePrint is a small building designed to help the user organize concept drawings, 3D model prototype iterations and generally help in the overall design process and end product display.

Great for human sized and hand-held projects. For Long term projects that require lots of planning. For collaborative projects that require you to share your concept and have a place to physically place items.

Project BluePrint can be easily customized by the user: Importing and applying textures to all parts of the model giving them complete creative freedom. All objects within the walls and the display texts can be duplicated and moved at will.

On the front there is progress bar that will show how far along the project is from completion. To edit the percent go into experience edit mode and click the progress bar, find the 'Set Animation Frame' tab and type a number between 0 to 100. The Set Animation Frame wont take place until you launch and visit your experience. The color can be tinted to anything you prefer.

Inside there is a 2 step cylindrical display where the user can place their most up-to-date 3D model of their project. The 2nd step's height can be raised and lowered for smaller items in experience edit mode. There is also a table to place 3D models and concept sketches.

Comes with 2 floating light balls to help illuminate the inside in dark experiences.

On the wall there are 5 different preset sizes of sketch papers that the user can import their own custom drawings onto. Make sure to save your drawings out at the correct ratio for the sketch paper mesh for it to fit correctly. The Sketch paper meshes can also be scaled in experience edit mode to add more variation in sizes. Sketch paper meshes are also grabbable so you can move them around as if they were real pieces of paper. Upon experience reset, they will return to where you placed them in experience edit mode.

Sketch Paper Mesh Size Ratio (pixel examples):
1x1 (1000x1000px)
1x4 (200x800px)
3x1 (600x200px)
6x1 (1200x200px)
7x10 (700x1000px)

Come check out my Project BluePrints in my sandbox to get some ideas!

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