Industrial hanging Light

Industrial hanging Light


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MESHWORX “Industrial Light”, adds a great look of detail and light to any home or business. you can add a Sansar spot light to the unit to give off physical light if needed.

The Light's length can be adjusted to fit any height ceiling by sliding the Ceiling Cap up or down.
There are 3 parts to the light in the group. Click on the object in your SCENE OBJECTS window shows 3 Containers:
Container 1 = Ceiling Cap,
Container 2 = Light Unit
Container 3 = Pole.
(in some cases resizing the pole might get the desired length)

At the moment these are the only options Sansar can offer, but might improve in the near future.

About the MESHWORX brand.
MESHWORX has been in business since 2012 in Second Life as an original mesh creator of high quality and detailed furniture and buildings. I also work in RL as a 3D artist on movies and commercials for the last 16 years.

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