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ClickToMessage (Switcher)

ClickToMessage (Switcher)


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This script is a simple switcher (on/off) that can be used with many of my scripts (Usually my scripts is chat channel based).

Instead extend the description, I will allow the properties catch your eyes...

Chat Command When State Get On: string to send via chat when the state is on.

Chat Command When State Get Off: string to send via chat when the state is off.

Channel: The number of the channel (Default is zero with is the public channel)

Default State: defines the initial state of the script. use on or off

A typical scenario: A button to show and hide the candy cart.

1- Drop the Hider Script ( ) on the candy cart and define the following properties: Channel: 200, Show: /candycart_show, Hide: /candycart_hide, Start Mode: h, Hide Offset: -500

2- Drop this script in some object in your experience. This will transform the object in a clickable button. Set the properties: Chat Command When State is On: /candycart_show, Command When State is Off: /candycart_hide, Default State: off, Channel: 200

As the illustration shows, I dropped the script in a cube. This cube is now my switcher. This can make the cotton candy cart show and hide.

Doubts ? Don't be shy ! I've a reputation to always be available to help people always as it possible. Just ping me !

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ClickToMessage (Switcher)
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