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chatGPT for Sansar


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Yes, that's it...It's a "personal assistant a la Alexa Style" using ChatGPT...
Basically, you put this script inside some object, supply few parameters and then use the chat window to interact.

In order to start to use it, it's necessary to create an Account on OpenAI website and supply your key to the script...
OpenAI allow you to use a certain amout of tokens FOR FREE, so you will be fine...

SO, first step: go to and click on API on the nav bar (top right). Then Signup...
After Signup, on the top right you will see on the navbar an option called PERSONAL - This will make a submenu to pop.Choose View API keys...Then create a new API key and store it in some notepad or anything else.

Now, the parameters inside the script:

[OpenAIKey]: Paste the key right there

[Temperature]: it's need to put a value bw 0 and 2...0 means serious answeres...If you supply 1, the answers will not be so formal. 2...well..this probaly will not work. Will be something like receive a response of a DRUNK CHATGPT !

[MaxTokens]: When you create questions and receive answers, you are consuming tokens...tokens is a sort of currency for openAI... A question will consume tokens because AI should understand what you want whislt the answer will also consume tokens due the computing expenses to supply the response. As I said: OpenAI will give to you for free a certain amout of tokens per month. I don't know how much, sorry. I asked to ChatGTP and the answer was: The amount of free tokens you will receive on a free subscription of OpenAI can vary and it is subject to change over time. Generally speaking, free subscriptions usually come with some limitations and a smaller number of tokens than paid plans.

As of my knowledge cutoff in 2021, OpenAI was giving free access to a limited number of tokens on a monthly basis for users to test the API. However, the exact number of tokens that come with a free subscription can change over time and may vary depending on the specific plan.

It is important to check OpenAI's website or contact their support team to get the most up-to-date information on the number of tokens available on a free subscription plan.

A hint: Start with 200...That's what I did..

[MyName]: The scritp will always pay attention if the phrase starts with MyName parameter...for example, if you set this to "John", you must start on the chat window with John, ex: John, What day is today ? ...or John when winter starts in UK ? - It's the same concept used by Alexa, Siri, it ?

Wanna see this in action ?? go to - Take the Tie Fighter to head to the party...after you arrive in the Party, you will see Boba Fett over there... Try to chat with him ;-) Try something like: Boba, What is Midichlorians ?


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