Lava Ball Hex 02

Lava Ball Hex 02


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This is one part of a dual mesh design, the second component is called LavaBallInner01 and can be purchased (for free) separately.

I created it for fun as I was testing a programme to decimate meshes in a controlled way. This mesh is 2384 polygons, reduced from 6844 polygons. Now I give it away free.

You will need to scale and align both meshes to gain the best effect. This mesh is not the same pivot point as the other mesh, due to size and shape, so a bit of adjustment will be required, along with scaling. The inner mesh has an emissive animated map, which can all be adjusted to whatever you want.

This item, along with a growing collection, is on view at 'My Stuff for sale on Show' from Atlas, by Just Me

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