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Luna Elf Avatar (Emissive Eyes)

Luna Elf Avatar (Emissive Eyes)


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Luna Elf Avatar

Female framed Elven Avatar with a cutesy anime inspired look mixed with some realism. (clothes, hair and accessories in pics not included)

Avatar description:
- Compatible with all hair and shoes that fit the default female avatar. (flat shoes)
- Comes as a bare base with no clothes or hair so you can dress her up however you like, she does have some modesty patches for breast and groin area that shouldn't be too invasive for wearing things like bikini's if you want to. Her butt is bare however so I do ask you don't run around bare butted in public if you can help it just because of the rules of the game.
- Large eyes that glow (Emissive) see extra pics
- Large elven ears that stick out the side of her head.
- Based on the default female avatar template, sculpted the face, chest size is the same as default, the butt and hips area though have been increased in volume and shaped differently, legs have been shaped a little bit also, other than that most things are the same.

Original avatar template file: Sansar
Retexture and mesh edits: NovaVoidSpirit
Rigging: TheNick

Note: The fit of wearable content may depend on the avatars you use.

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Luna Elf Avatar
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