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Security dial pad (scripted)

Security dial pad (scripted)


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This is a classic number pad with interactive buttons. You can use it in desktop mode or VR mode. The buttons get a red highlight when pushed for added clarity, as in this video:

And button presses come with beeps. This is implemented as an animated mesh with a script (Reflex4 anim keypad) that manages all the buttons.

This also comes with another script (Reflex4 sequence detect) that watches the buttons you press for a security code. You can change that sequence, which is initially [1, 2, 3, 4] and then pound (#) or star (*) to test to some other number sequence of any length you wish. And there are two sound player (Reflex4 sound player) scripts that play a success or failure sound when you hit pound (#) or star (*). You can use the output of the sequence detection script to control a door, light, or whatever.

You can also strip out the sequence detect and sound players if you just want the dial pad and its button controller for other purposes.

This combined element costs much less than the sum of all of its parts.

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Security dial pad
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