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Imp Tail - Red [Emissive, Animated] [Clothing]

Imp Tail - Red [Emissive, Animated] [Clothing]


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Please try to DEMO before buying to ensure the tail looks acceptable at your avatars current scale outside of lookbook, avatar displacement is currently bugged for smaller scale avatars:

Gradient shaded Imp tail that swishes gently back and forth with a glowing tail tip.
Displacement animated and emissive.

See example Gif for what the animation looks like in game:

The clothing slot version so it cannot be transformed/adjusted from it's default rigged position.
(Necklace Slot version also available on store that can be fully adjusted, has slightly less consistent rigging but still works fine)

Make sure to set your inventory to 'Show all clothing' if the Tail does not show up immediately for you in the clothing tab. (See the example picture on this listing for reference.)

Will fit both Female and Male framed avatars.

Contact "TheNick-1981" through Sansar or Sansar discord if you need re-rigging, a custom design or if there is a problem etc.

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Imp Tail - Red
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