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Sansar's Iconic Red Door - SCRIPTED with light & sound!

Sansar's Iconic Red Door - SCRIPTED with light & sound!


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Sansar Studios is delighted to share this updated version of the classic Sansar red door with you! Handcrafted from rare Sansarian oak, it's setup to be fully interactive as a teleporter. It includes an ethereal sparkly aura sound for when you approach the door, and a gentle red light to illuminate it in darkness. All of this is customizable, so feel free to remix and build upon our craft!

▓▒░ USAGE TIPS ░▒▓
• While editing, after you drag the red door into a scene, examine the Object Structure. You'll see there are 4 Simple Scripts used.

• IMPORTANT: This door uses the Simple Scripts "Group" feature, which makes it easier for these scripts to belong to a single instance of an object. You'll notice this is "RedDoor1". If you have multiple red doors in your scene, just rename the others so the Group = RedDoor2 or RedDoor3 and so on. That may they'll only transmit/receive script messages particular to that door.

• In SCRIPT 1, you can customize the "Interaction prompt" to show whatever you want. The "\n" means "newline", which allows for longer text that doesn't get cut off, as shown in the example picture.

• By default, you can either click the door or walk your avatar into the door to teleport. In SCRIPT 1, If you want the door to teleport someone after clicking without confirmation, change the "teleport_prompt" message to "teleport".

• In SCRIPT 3, you'll see the "Dest. Owner" and "Dest. Scene" as part of the SimpleTeleport script. Simply change this to another experience. For example, in the URL "", Dest. Owner = sansar-studios and Dest. Scene = zen-garden

▓▒░ NEED HELP? ░▒▓
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You can learn more about Simple Scripts & Groups here:

We hope you have lots of fun teleporting between experiences!

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