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Chain Link Fence Set

Chain Link Fence Set


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A 4 foot metal chain link fence set with interactive gate.
Suitable for residential or parks, extra long posts to more easily traverse bumpy terrain.

► Optimized mesh and textures for use in Sansar worlds.
▷ Tris : < 1024
◰ Texture Load : 1.2 MB
► Support original content and creators in Sansar

! IMPORTANT: VR uses more PC resources than the average PC game, up to 6 times or more. Most users will be using mobile VR headsets, and therefore the models that you have in your world MUST be highly optimized and efficient to ensure that the experience is smooth and enjoyable for everyone.

Set includes;
Terminal Posts: Left / Right / Middle / Ends / Inside Corner / Outside Corner
Fence Pieces: 1m / 2m / 4m / 2m Straight Connecting
Gate: Interactive Animated Gate

• Turn Scene event snapping on
• Fences face outward, posts have to match up. It will take some getting used to - but you'll figure it out.
• For common sections you use, group them together in a sub folder.

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