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ProSound16 Controller

ProSound16 Controller


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(Comes with speaker floor monitor)

Scripted 16 button MPC Style control pad to remote control any scripted device in your scene. Great for dance clubs, events or just for fun; expandable by duplicating control and configuring the built-in scripts. The control unit is modifiable to customize anyway you want; currently the buttons are setup to each automatically turn off after 60 seconds and can be adjusted in timer script; for personal use or create new products for resale. If you have questions find me on Sansar discord channel..

Example Uses
- Quickly trigger Audio streams
- Quickly trigger sounds from inventory
- Quickly trigger media Streams
- Quickly trigger Music from inventory
- Trigger on/off multiple dance lightshow effects

NOTE: After placing into scene use "Scene Browser" to select parent to move, rotate. More inormation at...

..there are many other uses for this control unit and its up to your imagination how you want to use.


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