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Gator Limbs (F)

Gator Limbs (F)


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Turn yourself into a talking alligator with these rigged limbs. Inspired by Daisy Gator

You can wear any MD-made clothing with this, as long as it covers the shoulders. Just press Simulate Cloth, and it should automatically fit onto the gecko skin. If the fit isn't perfect, tugging with your mouse cursor can help make it fit.

PART OF A COMPLETE SET. Get the other parts from my store to fully complete your transformation!
-Head (1 and 2)
The head comes in 2 parts, one is a Clothing item and the other is a Hair item. Limbs are a Clothing item. Tail comes as part of "Head 2".

Note: This item is not compatible with Avatar 2.0. You will be able to use this item until Avatar 2.0 is launched in August 2019. Learn more.

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