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ChatGPTv2 for Sansar v2

ChatGPTv2 for Sansar v2


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It's the same original version, but capable to cover few things...If you don't have needs like described bellow, feel free to use the original one.

1) You have now input and output channels so an interchange of information can happen between this script and your script. Now, your own script can consume this script and you can create good and rich objects. If you don't have such needs, keep 0 for output and 0 for input and this will behaves like the original.A practical use: Use 0 as input to listen on the public chat window and then use 1000 for output and put your script to listen chat channel#1000 and process the received information.

2) Additional Instructions parameter: Well, when I implemmented on my Boba Fett NPC, I made a simple question: boba, who is your father ? I was expecting "Jango Fett" as answer, but instead...well, the original script just send the question to openAI - It means that theoretically I was asking who is the fater of ChatGTP. How I fixed ? After the prompt I added this text:" If the question looks like related to you, assume you are Boba Feet, a star wars character and reply like him." and now, the AI can impersonate a character because I sent an instruction to the AI. So, you just need to use this if you have a simmilar need - Otherwise, keep this in blank.
You can also put as Additional Info: "Reply in French even if the question was in english" (You can imagine the result, right?).
Or if you wish: "Give me a response in a shakesperian way" - HeHeHe..the possibilites are really huge ! be creative!

If you want to see the original documentation containing purposes and parameters explanations, check the original page:

Wanna see this in action ?? go to - Take the Tie Fighter to head to the party...after you arrive in the Party, you will see Boba Fett over there... Try to chat with him ;-) Try something like: Boba, are you really a mandalorian ?


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ChatGPT for Sansar v2
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