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Avatar - Alice v5

Avatar - Alice v5


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* This version of Alice has a larger head in comparison to the Female Avatar 2.0 Heads.

If you would like Alice with the default Female Avatar 2.0 Head size please open this store page.

* Alice's hairstyle is free and the store link is provided below.

Alice is a sculptor and painter who loves bringing her sketchbook to cafes, doodling with a nice hot cup of coffee by her side.

She has multiple tattoos on her body: one running down most of her right arm, one on her left forearm, tattooed angel wings on her back, a tattoo around her left thigh and ankle tattoos. She has hazel eyes that are almost vibrant green. Her nails are painted black.

___Gif Example___
Alice Talking

Alice's Bobcut Hairstyle (Free)

Alice's Leather Boots (Free)

Alice's Nose Piercings (Free)

Alice's Flannel Shirt (Free)

Alice's Black Leather Pants (Free)

___Places in Photos___
Cubefall: Call of the Wild Edition by Sansar Studios

A Piece of Paradise by DisneyHuntress

* For Creators who want to build clothing and accessories for the Alice Avatar this is a link to my GitHub to download Alice Avatar Reference Model in FBX format.

___Update Notes___
Version 5
- Added Eyelashes
- Adjusted shoulders
- Adjusted hips
- Remodeled Legs

Version 4
- Improved skin weighting of shoulders, butt, knees, ankles and elbows
- Moved Leg to Hip joints inward
- Made front teeth smaller

Version 3
- made deltoids smaller
- moved some teeth back

Version 2
- gave Alice a black bikini for underwear layer

* If you bought a previous version, please IM me so I can send you the latest version!

Note: The fit of wearable content may depend on the avatars you use.

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