Click Grid Channel Permission

Click Grid Channel Permission


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Allows you to divide a single cube into a button grid and send a permission restricted message when you click a grid button.

Compatible cubes should be modeled facing sansar X+ and have the texture on the back flipped so it is readable, and use the same cube as the physics shape.

Buttons Wide : how many buttons wide is your image?

Buttons Tall : how many buttons tall is your image?

Commands CSV : comma separated values (commands) in their English reading order.
Commands can contain Session ids ^sid

Send Channel : Channel to send the commands on.

Hover Text : Text to display over the whole cube.

Menu Name : Name used in chat commands for editing permissions

Allowed Users : Comma separated UUIDs of users.
Scene Owners are automatically added.

MENUNAME add [Partial Name]
MENUNAME remove [Partial Name]
MENUNAME id [Partial Name]
Only people in the edit mode list or the owner can add or remove permissions

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