Bone Animated Clock

Bone Animated Clock


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Controller for an analog Bone Animated Clock.

Each hand should have its own mesh rigged to its own armature.
The animation should start at noon and end one frame before noon.
Each Animation component should have the same number of frames.

Frames : The number of frames in your animations, default : 60 (0-59)

Time Zone Offset : Your numerical Time zone Offset. You will have to adjust this twice a year.

Hour Hand : Which animation component is the hour hand? -1 for none

Minute Hand : Which animation component is the minute hand? -1 for none

Second Hand : Which animation component is the second hand? -1 for none

Chime Sound : Chime sound to play at the top of the hour. Leave empty for none

Chime Once : Only chime once at the top of the hour, otherwise chime the number of hours

Volume Percent : Volume percentage at which to play the Sound

Setup : Sets each animation component in order, so the hand nearest its start frame (noon) is he lowest : 0 indexed
Check the debug log for details (ctr+d in visit mode)
Will also chime up to 5 times to test the sound

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