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Classic skyscraper kit

Classic skyscraper kit


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Skyscraper (it's a decor, not a living house's room).
Scripted elevator cabine.
Scripted elevator buttons.
Scripted doors.
Simple partition.

Scripts from the Sansar library. If you wish, you can set up an elevator stop on each floor, bind the buttons to the door.
Additions to this project in the form of other partitions will be sold free of charge.
You need to understand a little about scripts and calculations.

1. Sometimes the doors close by themselves. Maybe you can fix it.
2. Sometimes the cockpit can reset.

WITHOUT horizontal elevator cabin.
The owners of this set can pm me and I will sell them a horizontal cockpit for 0 sandex dollars if you need/want it.

You can test it:

Wall for tunnel:
Floor block for elevator:
Glass for 6th floor:
Wall elevator block:
Buttons you can replace with it:

Item name
Classic skyscraper kit