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Control Barriers with Chat Commands

Control Barriers with Chat Commands


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This is a way to control where all users, or just certain users, can move withing your world. It can be useful for events, such as a performance or contest where only certain users should be on the stage.

Copy objects with collision from your object structure menu into the list in this script to enable their collision to be toggled on or off for specific users.

This works via chat commands. The script owner has has the following commands:

/help - shows instructions
/allow [name of user] - Allows the user to walk through the objects referenced by the script.
/block [name of user] - Blocks the user from entering the meshes.
/admin [handle of user] - Gives the user permission to use this script until the scene resets.
/radmin [handle of user] - Revokes permission of the user to use this script.
/allowlist - Shows which users are allowed into the barrier.
/adminlist - Lists the handles of all the script's admins.

The allow and block commands don't require complete user names. If you type part of a name it will match. For example, "m" or "mad" will match "Mad-Eye", but if multiple users have a name starting with "m" then using only that will match only one of them.

The open command will allow anyone in the world and anyone who enters to walk through the attached barriers. The close command will allow only users on the list to enter the barriers.

The script can be started open or closed. Default is closed.

The commands for adding and removing admins require full handles, but they are not case sensitive.

The list commands will only show the list to the user who enters them.

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