Reusable Sign - Click to view Mature Twitch streams (2019-03-25)

Reusable Sign - Click to view Mature Twitch streams (2019-03-25)


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Put this sign into a Sansar scene. If a Twitch Mature stream is playing, click this sign to opt-in and view Mature.

Fast facts:

- Opting in takes effect locally and for the current session, so it's per-user. Each person needs to click the sign, but once you've done so, you can view Mature streams in any other Sansar experiences you visit. If you relog, you'll need to opt-in again.

- This feature was made possible by the Media Action API. If you want to create your own scripts based on this feature, you can find documentation here:

- You can also find the script source code here, note there's not much actual code here aside from functions to interact with the Simple Script system and send an additional message when clicked:

- Learn more about Simple Scripts here:

- This sign was updated because an older version used a deprecated method that has since been replaced by the above Media Action API.

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Reusable_Sign - Click to view Mature Twitch streams (2019-03-25)
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