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TheGalleria_Storefront 1.45 Template

TheGalleria_Storefront 1.45 Template


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Free Creator Space Opportunity in The Galleria


Are you a talented virtual creator looking for an opportunity to showcase your work in The Galleria? We're thrilled to offer a unique and free space within our virtual space for creators like you!

What's Included:

-Complimentary space in The Galleria for you to exhibit your creations.
-A template layout to help you visualize and plan the arrangement of your items within the allocated space.

Submission Guidelines:
To participate in this exciting opportunity, follow these guidelines:

-Create low-poly items suitable for a virtual environment.
-Limit the use of lighting effects to ensure optimal performance.
-Set draw distance to 30.
-Limit animations to a minimum.
-Bundle all your items into a single listing on the Sansar Marketplace for our easy review and purchase.
-Ensure all links are working; unworking links will result in resubmission.

How to Apply:

Design your virtual creations using the guidelines provided.
List all items in a single Sansar Marketplace listing.
Contact us with the link to your listing for our review and approval.

Why Join The Galleria:

-Exposure to a vibrant virtual community.
-Networking opportunities with other creators.
-Showcase your talent in a dedicated and supportive environment.

Terms and Conditions:

-All items must adhere to low-poly and limited lighting guidelines.
-Only items within the approved Sansar Marketplace listing will be considered for the free space.
-The free space is provided on a first-come, first-served basis.

Contact Us:
Ready to elevate your creations in The Galleria? Reach out to Nicci-Sansar with your Sansar Marketplace listing link along with any additional inquiries.

Join us in shaping the future of virtual creativity at The Galleria in Sansar!

Credits: Building and Textures of The Gallerias provided by Alfy! The Galleria is managed by Nicci-Sansar.

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TheGalleria_Storefront 1.45 Template
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