Hair - Pony Tail - Brown Hazelnut

Hair - Pony Tail - Brown Hazelnut


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UPDATED : AV2 ready !
This is a ponytail for women.

PLEASE try DEMO first here:

The diffuse texture is already colored on this version, so if you want to see this true color, set your hair color to true white.
But as it is hair, they are also tintable.

If you want to be able to fully tint them, then purchase this version:
And you can find all version of this hairstyle here:

You can find 8 colors elastic that fit this hair model in my store, the black version is free. You can find all colors here:

You can see them in Sansar here :

PS 1: Depending how you had morphed your face on a Default Sansar Avatar, it can broken a bit the hair. This won't happened with a Custom Avatar.

PS 2: Remove your hair before you simulate your clothes, else it can created some troubles.

PS 3: I've working back on them, that's why I re-post them on store. If you purchased them in past, and want the update, please feel free to contact me on Discord or Sansar.
I do have all my sales recorded and sorted on my computer on Excel, so I can easily find you back.

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MPP Hair - Pony Tail - Brown Hazelnut