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Eject or Ban

Eject or Ban


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Eject or Ban a user from your region on the fly
Drop in any object in your region for it to work.
eject username
ban username
unban username

usernames will be case insensitive and partial match. So if you type eject b you would eject the first person it finds with a name that starts with "b"

User is sent a message for a short duration to let them know they are being removed.
Make sure you put your name in for Owner in the script
You can test on yourself, if you ban yourself, be a fast typist when you come back to unban yourself, or edit the scene.
Use this tool with discretion to stay with in the bounds of the TOS regarding impacting another users enjoyment.
Since there is no persistence as yet this is session dependent. A rebuild will clear the banlist.

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