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Stone And Dirt Path Building | SET

Stone And Dirt Path Building | SET


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A stone and/or dirt path building set. Simply flip the pieces for more variation. Like having 2 sets in one!

◆ Optimized mesh and textures
▷ Tris : < 600
◰ Texture Load : 4.7 MB
◆ Support original content and creators

! IMPORTANT: VR uses more PC resources than the average PC game, up to 6 times or more. Most users will be using mobile VR headsets, and therefore the models that you have in your world MUST be highly optimized and efficient to ensure that the experience is smooth and enjoyable for everyone.

Well it started off as a stone path set......
Now it's a path set with stone on one side, and dirt on the other, with a whole lot of extra parts thrown in.

Flip the tiles to go stone or dirt path. It's like having 2 sets in one.

Tips: Make sure pieces are at Z position is at 0, as everything works best - Bridge pieces target height at 3m
Use Scene Settings snap (O.25m seems to be smoothest)
Flip pieces to get dirt side up, don't forget to change the material sound from 'rock' to 'dirt' in the properties.

Try reversing the ramp, it leads DOWNWARD with a dirt path for more options.

Loaded with extras like Walls, Arches, Railings, Stairs and extra props.

42 pieces

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