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Skye Mossy Trail Boulder Type 3

Skye Mossy Trail Boulder Type 3


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Studio Skye presents: SKYE Mossy Trail building set. This is a kit designed to add delicious detail to your build. It focuses on the small details that really bring a scene to life.

SKYE Mossy Boulder Type 13 is a simple small low poly rock designed for use around your mossy trail. It uses the same mossy rock texture as the path and is useful for covering gaps and joins. Scatter and rotate multiple copies randomly around to make your scene more detailed and natural. Also available are two other types to add variation. You can even prop it up to make a nice small standing stone!

This item forms part of a broader landscaping package - search 'Mossy Trail' in the Sansar store to find compatible items

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Skye Mossy Boulder 3
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