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Disco Light Effects 3.0

Disco Light Effects 3.0


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This script creates a spot, flashing or pulsing(fading) disco light, perfect for your disco experience. You can create colorized lights, strobo effects and more.

Add this script to a light, or to an objects with multiple lights as component, and set them "scriptable" from the properties panel.

You can customize every parameter of the script:
-[Start Immediately]: Start effect when start your scene
-[ListenChannel]: Channel for input messages from another script(i.e. you can use a trigger volume message to start or stop it).
-[StartCommand]: set message to start it
-[StopCommand]: set message to stop it
-[MaxIntensity]: maximum value of intensity
-[FIXED LIGHT <-> FLASHING]: Choose if you want a static spot or a flashing effect.
-[Flash intervals]: choose intervals between flashes. Smaller numbers will cause quick flashes(like strobos)
-[Multi light flash sync]: If you have multiple lights and this parameter is on, they flash at same time
-[Flashing Fade]: if ON, add fade effect to flashing mode.
-[Random color]:If ON, lights will assume random colors every flash
-[Color change interval]: for Pot lights mode, set change color interval
-[Color interpolation time]: Set speed of interpolation of colors for Spot light mode.
-[SSCompatible]: If ON, you can communicate with simple scripts.


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