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Lou 1.4 (free update for Lou 1.x Owners)

Lou 1.4 (free update for Lou 1.x Owners)


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Lou is a young, beautiful custom avatar with charming freckles and blue/green eyes. Her make-up is natural, but for the amazing lip gloss she uses. Hair/Clothes NOT included! Shape was created with the FULLSpectrum Avatar Kit 2.0. Has red nails by default (no extra item needed). Textured in Substance Painter entirely fresh, not based on any default texture.

FullSpectrum Avatars, use 2k textures for face and body and a 1k texture for the eyes and lashes. This makes them 3x faster loading compared to 2x4k+2k textures.

Note: The fit of wearable content may depend on the avatars you use.

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Lou 1.4