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Tight Stretch Jeans (FOR OVER SHIRTS)

Tight Stretch Jeans (FOR OVER SHIRTS)


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Highly details real textures - Made on the shape of Daisy - Alina. But will fit other shapes too.

This version is meant to wear OVER shirts. So if you simulate this version, it will GROW over the shirt that you are wearing it with. This version is especially made to do so, in layers, to keep your belt and it's details in tact.
I also sell a version (the UNDER shirts version) which is meant for wearing UNDER shirts. If you have bought this version, you can contact me and I will give you the other version for FREE. Just contact me via discord Daisy-Sansar or DaisyWinthorpe.

Item name
Tight Stretch Jeans (FOR OVER SHIRTS)
Made with Marvelous Designer
This garment replicates the physical properties of real fabric and can be dynamically adjusted on your avatar. Learn more.