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memory stick - peak indicator

memory stick - peak indicator


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Some assembly required!

for use with the following (free) items, also in my store:
memory stick - base
memory stick - current indicator
Memory Observation Unit - Script

To assemble:
Once you have all 4 pieces in your inventory:
1. rez the "memory stick - base" in your experience.
2. drop the "Memory Observation Unit" script into it.
3. set the script parameters. I recommend the following:
Report Command: /memory
Refresh Seconds: 5
debug: off (leaving this on will provide useful chat spam)
Peak Indicator: select "memory stick - peak indicator"
Current Indicator: select "memory stick - current indicator"

The last 2 are important!

Once this is set up, visit your experience and watch the memory observation unit. The "Current Indicator" represents the current memory usage, and the "Peak Indicator" represents the peak memory usage since the last scene reset.

You can type /memory into chat at any time to get the current memory usage.

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memory stick - peak indicator
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