Skye Gnarly Rocks 5a  (1 of a set of 10)

Skye Gnarly Rocks 5a (1 of a set of 10)


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Skye Gnarly Rocks 5a is one rock from the Skye Gnarly Rocks Pack (Mossy), a set of VR ready assets to add detailed drama to your scene.
This is a small boulder to add peripheral detail and help blend rock formations.
They can be used individually or combined to build up complex rocky outcrops.
Each rock uses efficient modelling (between 6oo and 1400 tris for larger forms) and uses the Standard plus Detail material to create excellent detail at both distance and close up.

You can see these rocks in Sansar here:

In this product listing you get 1 rock - for others from this set search "Gnarly" in my store.


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Skye Gnarly Rocks 5a
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