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Mover Waypoints / Pathfinder ♻

Mover Waypoints / Pathfinder ♻


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This is a script that allows you to create way points with hidden markers, and make a "movable by script" object follow the waypoints. Waypoints are grouped into path scripts. Pathfinder script included that will find the shortest path between two waypoints, and is essentially a maze solver.

The script supports:
- Smooth turn around waypoints
- Start/Stop/Resume/Reset move
- Speed control
- Various mover rotation options: face forward, waypoint direction, no rotation, keep horizontal (good for vehicles)
- Loop through waypoints

This is good for simple NPCs, airships, elevators, games, tour vehicles, and anything else you can imagine.

Simply insert the 'Mover' script in object that move and configure. Paths can be created with the path script, which is made upf of references to invisible waypoint markers. It references the mesh of an object, just right click the mesh and 'paste' into the marker parameter. Controlling waypoints by moving around objects should make the mover very simple and intuitive to configure, enjoy.

- You may get weird results if you loop between only two way points with smoothing.
- The smoothing happens over the first second of a turn and depends on the speed. If the distance to next waypoint is shorter than a second, then no smoothing will occur. If you need larger curves then just add intermediary waypoints.

This script will work best when using edit-mode-only markers for waypoints, such as these:

1.0.0 - initial release
1.1.0 - removed the script needed to add to each trigger volume. Now waypoints can be defined by just copying the trigger volume containers into the script. This is more efficient, and creates less load (lag) on the scene.
2.0.0 - Rewrite of the script which will not work with previous waypoints. Added Path Finder sub script that will find the shortest path of connected waypoints. Now works with rezzed objects. Bug fixes, and overall general improvements. Waypoints are now referenced by the Mesh of the object, and not the volume container. It is recommended to use static, volume-less, and invisible, markers that represent the waypoints.

* I allow buyers to resell this script as part of their own products, but not as a standalone script

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