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This is a couple of scripts that store a list of events to be called at a later time, either all at once, or in sequence one at a time whenever triggered; ie a queue of events. It also allows storing a queue per user, in a fixed size or unlimited, cycle through the queue in loops, add events at runtime or with a preset, and storing a mix of different events in the list to be called when they are up.

Some of the usecases of this are:
- Store a list of choices, to act on them at a later time, such as entering waiting rooms and then opening all the doors of the occupied rooms at once.
- Do different actions for every click of a button, while maintaining the order of actions per user.
- Create turn based games with many players.
- Rezzing a series of enemy npcs one after the other but only after each one is killed.
- And much more...

- 1.0.0 - initial release
- 1.0.1 - added 'Item skipped ->' event, that triggers every time an item is skipped.

* I allow buyers to resell this script as part of their own products, but not as a standalone script

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EventQueue [1.0.2]
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