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User Groups / Repeater ⚙️

User Groups / Repeater ⚙️


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This is a three part script where you can store a list of avatars in groups, react to certain events, and repeat an event over the list of avatars, allowing for making personalized, per group, interactions on multiple agents at once using Script Library events, and provide access control to you scripts.

Some of the events that support this are:
- Prompt
- Chat (private message)
- Teleport
- AudioStream (private media)
- Broadcaster
- Media (private media)
- StoreListing

Some of the usecases are:
- Add access control to any Simple Script
- Broadcast all present agents
- Keep a list broadcasted avatars, and unbroadcast all in one go
- Teleport all present agents to another experience
- Send team specific chat messages
- Sync media streams (per group of people)
- Play a sound effect to only a set of people (eg. admin notifications)
- Etc etc

* I allow buyers to resell this script as part of their own products, but not as a standalone script

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UserGroup [1.2.0]
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