Cyan Laser

Cyan Laser


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5mm Diameter or 0,2 inches
10Meters Lenght 32 feets
only 4 polygon faces with emissive face textures 128 pixels.
Duplicate, move along Y axis to make laser go further.
Soon red, purple, green, light blue, yellow lasers available.
Check laserShowcase on:
The laser is cool by itself but can get better:
Setting up light laser pointer using spotlight:
To ad pointer at end, add spotlight on this object in "scene objects" menu like on picture.

Adjust light, change it to spotlight, set intensity to max, and angle 1, max range, angle fallout to max or (medium for more brightness and bigger pointer) like shown on picture.

Setting up a Huge laser bloom:
Change Scene-Menu-Tools-Scene Settings => Exposure bias to higher value adjusting according to your desire.

Global illumination is better simulated for all computers using a low intensity point-light near where the laser pointer touch.

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