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Actual Flying Carpet Vehicle

Actual Flying Carpet Vehicle


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Animated flying carpet with looped wiggly-ness
see gifs:

Uses thimbles plane script and takes to the sky! not just a ground vehicle.
able to carry passengers while flying but only the pilot is locked in a sitpoint, they can fall off on sharp turns, once flying the carpets will continue on the path you are flying even if you jump off so a reset somewhere would be advisable.
we have included a little reset button, if you duplicate the carpets and want to reset them individually you will need to change the reset script to correspond with each carpet
you should be able to change settings for speed etc in the aircraft script settings

Controls are as follows:
Siting in the sitpoint,
Press R and make sure Numlock is on to activate the carpet
Numpad controls:
1 Accelerate - 3 Decelerate
2, 4, 6, 8, - lean up and down left and right
7, 9 rotate
pressing R twice stops the carpet

Mesh and animation - TheNick
Textures drawn and setup - Novavoidspirit
current script - Thimblemunch's Thimble_aircraft s$50 to thimble

Note: currently the carpet while being flown is able to pass through objects this has been rather fun with stealing passengers off other pilots

we have 6 of these setup in novas world if you want to see them and have a go

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