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Scene Utility

Scene Utility


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Utility script to display some scene related info or reset the scene.

* Instructions *
- Add this script in any object in your experience.
- Customize the chat commands in case they conflict with other scripts.

* Settings *
- Owner Only: restrict chat commands to the experience creator only.
- Scene Info Command: shows scene related info.
- Scene Memory Command: shows info about the current memory usage.
- Scene Scan Command: shows info about the avatars in the scene.
- Scene Reset Command: resets the scene.
- Reset Delay: amount of seconds to wait before the scene resets.
- Active: toggles the script on or off.

* Remarks *
- Chat commands are case insensitive.

* Questions, issues or suggestions? *
Contact @Tron-Sansar

Item name
Scene Utility v3.0.0.10