Pull Door Open

Pull Door Open


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Allows a user to push or pull a door open.
Desktop with their camera and VR with their controllers.

Compatible doors must be modeled to rotate on the Sansar Z axis, and face a cardinal direction.

Hinge offset : For fixing the door pivot if it is not where it is supposed to be.

Open Degrees Z : How far the door rotates, and its open limit.

Let Go Range : Automatically lets go of the door when you get far enough away.

Facing X and Facing Y : The direction the door 'points' from hinge to handle when it is brought into the scene and set to 0,0,0 rotation.
Facing +X : FacingX 1, FacingY 0
Facing -X : FacingX -1, FacingY 0
Facing +Y : FacingX 0, FacingY 1
Facing -Y : FacingX 0, FacingY -1

Works best with keyframed doors set to non grab.

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