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The Grey Mandrill [for Matt Ruff fans only]

The Grey Mandrill [for Matt Ruff fans only]


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*** DISCLAIMER: if you are a fan of Tom Holt or Thomas Pynchon you may also purchase this item ***

Matt Ruff, the bestselling author of “Lovecraft Country” and many other fantastical [and wacky in the best sense of the word] books has a new one coming out this month: “88 Names” deals with virtual worlds, VR, avatars and their alts and so Drax is having Matt on his #draxtorreads across the Metaverse show. Mark that date: Friday at 11am (Do check for the exact listing). The free avatar you see here is custom made for FANS ONLY for the special meet/greet with Matt at the tail end of the show. These avatars can be freely accessorized with upcoming special merch [stay tuned for links on THURSDAY!] & regular free items from the store. If you are a Sansar bigwig, please do not hold back and do splurge on cool stuff with your S$: all clothes across the store are compatible.
All proceeds of the sale for this avatar go to the Bad Monkeys Memorial Fund.

Note: The fit of wearable content may depend on the avatars you use.

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The Grey Mandrill