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Script Remote Control

Script Remote Control


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Use this to trigger script library events from an object held by a player. Put it in the object you want to be your remote control and assign up to 20 commands it can execute. The person holding the remote will be able to execute the currently-selected command as through they were firing a gun (aiming not required). They can use the R key or its corresponding VR button to cycle through the commands. Using their off-hand in VR they can cycle backwards through the commands. The currently-selected command will appear as hint text on the screen or VR display.

Just like with the script library, any scripts able to respond will listen for events with the same names. You can add multiple commands to each slot by separating them with commas.

You can add a sound for executing a command and one for switching modes. Each of these can be set to play for everyone or only for the person holding the remote control object.

The two commands added by default are the default channel-up and channel-down commands for my media streaming script.

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