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Trigger Volume with FS Landscape Object Scatterer Demo v1.01

Trigger Volume with FS Landscape Object Scatterer Demo v1.01


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This is a limited semi pre-configured demo of our amazing Landscape Object Scatterer Script.

We now have the first instructional video, explaining the setup:

This script automatically places landscape objects such as trees, plants, mushrooms and rocks in any scene.

20 Slots for 20 different plant groups (objects not included).
Placement based on height ranges and slope angle.
Plants are randomly rotated.
All random parameters are frozen, so that the scene gets recreated the way it was. To switch it up you can set a random seed per group.
Plants can adhere to the slope of the landscape, e.g. grass can grow on a hill or landscape objects stay upright.
Script is best placed in a trigger volume, the size of the scan area can be set in units (x and y).
Verbose mode will rezz corner beacon (available for free in the fullspectrum acount).
Verbose mode will give feedback on auto placement and what distribution algorithm was chosen by the code.
Multiple scripts can be chained. That way the user can control what gets rezzed first and the throttles are never overwhelming the scene.
Shielding objects to protect areas can be placed at scan height.

Name: Helps to understand verbose script feedback in chat
-> Start: Simple Script command that can start the script (for chaining) use "auto" for immediate launch (but chain additional rezzers).
On Completion -> : Simple Script command that gets sent when the sccipt placed all landscape objects. Use for for chaining.
Landscape Object: Allows you to choose up to 20 objects from your inventory.
Config String: 7 Numbers that specify how the script places your object
Use a single space as separator!
1: Base height
2: Height range added to base height
3: Slope range minimum in degress. Use 0 when in doubt.
4: Slope range maximum in degrees. E.g. 45 means that your plant will not placed if a slope is steeper than 45 degrees.
5: Maximum number of plants for that group
6: Height offset, e.g. -0.5 is good for trees so they are always completely in the ground, if you do configure ground plants this value should be very very small e.g. 0.005 (5mm if a unit was one meter), please experiment
7: Follow slope, use 0 for upright (much faster), 1.0 for completely following the slope
8: Specify seed to fix random positions, objects will be placed in the same spot everytime. Use different seed values to mix it up.
Corner Markers: Object to be rezzed in the four corners of scan matrix
Scan Height: Default 45, sets the height were the ray casts to find the ground level begin, objects that protect an area need to be placed at that exact height.
X Scan Area: X dimension of Scan Area
Y Scan Area: Y dimension of Scan Area
Grid Spacing Distance: Density of the grid used for placement.
Verbose: Turns on feedback in chat and the corner marker.

Be careful with the size and density of your scan area!!

100x100 with density one means there will be 10000 rays cast to find spots for your plants.
Do not plant more than about 1000 landscape objects in a scene.
Use the draw distance flag on your plants.
AVOID using high polygon trees and plants etc. try to find objects with ~ 300 triangles for small ground objects and not more than perhaps 3000 for your trees.
Start small with few groups, small areas and always have an eye on your framerate.

FREE Updates for the life of the script.

Contact Bagnaria for questions.

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Trigger Volume with FS Landscape Object Scatterer Demo
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