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Avatar Vinx (Eyes Green)

Avatar Vinx (Eyes Green)


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Elf Avatar Vinx with Green Eyes (Full Avatar)

Vinx stands on her toes so not all shoes on the store will fit her! (10cm high)

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___Featured World___
Cubefall: Call of the Wild Edition by Sansar Studios

___Featured Hair___
Maria Hair - St Patrick's Day Event by Cora

A large stepped pyramid casts its shadow deep into the surrounding lush forest. Tropical birds cry out as they soar over head. At the top, there appears to be stone pillar gate that is opened on both ends. Our mysterious hooded traveler climbs the last few steps and takes a seat on the last row with a audible sigh. After taking a long glance over the temples precipice, they begin to walk towards the vine covered stone gateway. Reaching into their leather bag, they pull out a stone with mysterious symbols carved into it. Placing the odd stone into a relief on the stone gate, the stone begins to light up. Gradually the entire gate begins to attract a soft blue glow and vibrate slightly. With a thunderous boom and a bright flash the inner stone gateway fills with a swirl of light and colors. Suddenly an elven woman staggers forward and appears with a child wrapped in cloth. The hooded figure notices blood soaked in her clothing as they crouch beside her. A barrage of arrows begin swirling into existence as they go flying over their heads. Quickly, the figure grabs the marked stone and yanks it from the stone gateway. The glowing particles slowly begin to fall and dissipate, closing the portal. Helping the woman with her child, down the nearly bottomless temple stairs, back to the hooded figure's cottage it takes all night. The next day the figure tends to the mothers wounds as the little girl watches intently. This girl is Vinx.

Note: The fit of wearable content may depend on the avatars you use.

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Vinx Avatar (Eyes Green)