SparkFountain FireFX

SparkFountain FireFX


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This is an emissive, animated, controllable color changing Spark Fountain effect. Comes with 4 of them already setup. Simply duplicate and relocate to add more to the group. Board controls are pretty self explanatory.. change the color to solids, random rainbow (2 automated random modes too), color this wheel holds 3 customizable sprite-sheet logos via the materials editor, must have transparent background. Also includes on/off/reset/etc.

Real-time command usage for control board access list:
/sfx [toggle, add, remove, list] [user-handle]

This utilizes a new, lightweight design that uses minimal events only when you click something on the board and none for randomization. There is no scripted motion, it is an animated mesh and motion is achieved in this way instead.

Change the group from SFGROUP1 to SFGROUP2 on the board script on this add-on's board section to allow it to talk to the FLS_ILS_3E+ main board if using this as an add-on, if standalone access list is preferred just leave it as is.

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